Monday, October 28, 2013

Demam Publications

OMG....almost 2years and 2 months i was here. all the data collection procedures were finished. I just have to sit, write and write (bak kata my supervisor merangkap papaku). Hari ni i woke up earlier, i really want to finish this asap. Somehow i am pretty sure that i will really miss this life, the life where i enjoy to the fullest and had made me wiser and stronger. Sekarang memang hanya menumpukan untuk publish papers as much as possible. one of my friends said " hey you, even "the" lecturer who did "her" master could produce 2 papers". It's totally offended me.....

BTW, i got a new hobby. Actually it is long long time ago i already interested with this "creature" but when i was here i got stoke again. OMG i'm deeply in love with horses especially the horse from the paint breed.

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